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Payment in installments

Buy now and pay later

Make the purchase whenever you want, because you can choose whether to pay immediately, 30 DAYS LATER or in up to three EQUAL monthly installments!

Regardless of which payment method you choose, the amount of the purchase remains the SAME!

The Pay Later payment service allows you to pay for a purchase now and repay it later, without any additional fees.


  1. allows you to make an immediate purchase and pay for it later;
  2. helps to optimize expenses;
  3. the possibility to buy as many products at once as desired;
  4. do not have to disclose your financial data or fill out long reports;
  5. possibility to pay in up to three equal parts or 30 days later;
  6. the amount remains the same;
  7. there are no contract fees and interest.

How does it work?

  1. select the products in the shopping cart;
  2. confirm the order and select Modena as the payment method;
  3. identify yourself with Smart-ID or Mobile-ID;
  4. select the number of payments, i.e. how many installments you want to pay (possible up to 3 installments within 90 days);
  5. sign and the purchase is complete!

For additional information and questions, please contact info@mgibeauty.ee.