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A brand of cosmetic products created in 2012 from aesthetic medicine, whose products are based on unique recipes and carefully selected active ingredients and raw materials from around the world. The brand name Dottore comes from the Italian word dottore, which means teacher, doctor, scientist, erudite. One of the pioneers who made an invaluable contribution to the creation and development of aesthetic medicine were Italians. The name is a way of honoring the roots of aesthetic medicine.

Dottore cosmeceutici is a cosmetic brand that combines scientific experience, treatments performed in the office and home care.
Dottore cosmeceutici products are not only care, but most of all therapeutic properties of products complementing healing treatments. The constant supervision over the development of the product portfolio, proprietary recipes, the effects of active ingredients documented by research, strict control of the production conditions under the supervision of pharmacists and doctors, as well as active marketing and PR activities make the brand stand out in its category against other products.

All dottore home care creams are packed in handy and practical airless packages. These are the most hygienic types of packaging that allow the cosmetic to be used up to the end and guarantee microbiological purity as well as a constant concentration and protection of the active ingredients of the cosmetic.Consequently, all products contain only what is necessary for correct and desired functioning. The products are designed for the demanding customer, for whom taking care of their appearance is a natural and necessary process, and are an uncompromising solution for those who are looking for completely non-invasive and effective ways to deal with the passage of time and skin problems.

Dottore’s quality and popularity are confirmed by 17 prestigious awards issued since 2015. Among others, LNE Congress, Beauty Forum & SPA Fair, awards from ELLE magazine, Cosmopolitan and Glamor.