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Liza Lind – more satisfied with her skin than ever before

Liza Lind, a breathtakingly beautiful content creator and rightly called a world traveler, is a woman like a chameleon – she can simultaneously travel the world, be a loved and sought-after instagrammer, active in business and always remain charming and well-groomed. Being one of the beauty ideals who influence us, Estonian women, through social media, we asked Liza what kind of woman is beautiful for her and what are her beauty rituals.

“It’s hard to describe what a ‘beautiful woman’ is, because I value uniqueness more than flawless beauty!” However, Liza has a few things that she always notices in people – skin, eyebrows, teeth – they play a big role for her. Inspiring others, Liza always tries to remain unique, not to draw inspiration from others, but instead to find it in nature and music.
On a daily basis Liza only keeps up with the activities of her loved ones and she dont have any muse whom she is following, but there are some famous women she has always admired – Zoe Kravitz, Margot Robbie and Penelope Cruz.

In order to achieve everything, Liza’s days are very busy, and due to that, her morning and evening beauty rituals are simple, but her selected products are as effective as possible. Mornings start with face and teeth wash, followed by a facial care routine, a healthy breakfast and vitamins. In the evenings, she adds a face massage to her facial treatment, and of course she does not consider quality sleep less important.

Consciously, Liza has started taking care of her skin in the last couple of years and mainly focuses on minimizing pores, protecting her skin from the sun and moisturizing it. She prefers to use skin care products that have high-quality ingredients, smell good or are unscented, and due to her lifestyle, it is important that the products are conveniently packaged.

A few months now Liza has been tryin MGI beauty e-boutique facial care products from the brand Dottore and we wanted feedback on how she evaluates products effect. “I would say that I am currently more satisfied with my skin than ever before.” Dottore City Line is a complex line based on beneficial fermentation (GFF) that protects the skin from the pollution and effects of the harmful urban environment. GFF’s revolutionary combination of moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties cleans gray and dead epidermal cells with gentle exfoliation. Helps fight the first signs of skin aging, helps restore skin elasticity and combats the effects of environmental pollution and air conditioners. Liza’s facial care includes the products City Day Cream, City Night Cream, City Essence and City SUN.

“The day cream and essence are my undisputed favorites, the skin has become softer, the make-up no longer dries the skin during the day, the pores seem smaller and the smell of the day cream is downright “heavenly”.”


Liza admits that she hadn’t thought about the effects of urban environment factors and blue light on facial skin before, but now she doesn’t see a way back, because the products have become an integral part of her facial care. He also considers it important to protect his facial skin from the sun and uses sun protection cream daily when traveling, but he did not know that facial skin is also affected by blue light. City SUN protects the skin from the harmful effects of environmental factors (UV, free radicals, temperature, etc.). Synergistically acting active ingredients offer protection in a wide spectrum of UVA, UVB and blue light radiation, while having a delicate consistency without leaving a white layer on the skin.

“City essence and day cream are some of the best skin care products I’ve ever used (and I’ve tested a lot of different products), so I definitely recommend them!”


City day cream is exactly the right combination of lightness and hydration for Liza, because it is not too heavy or greasy and does not cause discomfort throughout the day! She didn’t realize the necessity of essence until he used this product – because it is the essence that helps the day and night cream to absorb better. “I encourage everyone (especially those who live in the city) to protect their skin not only from the sun, but also from polluted air,” says Liza.

Finally, we asked Liza to share a beauty tip that she recommends other women follow, and it reads as follows: “Eat healthily, drink a lot of water, consume collagen and choose only high-quality products for your skin!”